I’m sure as long as do Shanghai Longfeng, everyone complained about the search engine, because we think very.

last night in Albert stone pavilion celebrity interview, the guest is teacher ZAC, teacher ZAC I don’t think people do not know, this topic is: Shanghai dragon old? We have an old, I also just joined the Albert court this Internet Group, known as Albert court Internet friends should have know the purpose of Albert pavilion. See this topic, I also considered, Shanghai dragon really old? Think about their own experiences, since seems to be engaged in Shanghai Longfeng occupation is to complete the assigned task muddle along without any aim, you can write many articles every day, specifically, how much of the chain. I believe that many novice Shanghai Longfeng are repeating yesterday’s story, so many colleagues can not accept such a boring life, early to choose a career change.

began to adjust the algorithm from the love of Shanghai in June, many Shanghai Longfeng colleagues began to complain about the love of Shanghai wild K station, we generally feel that the Shanghai Longfeng difficult, in fact, as a Shanghai Longfeng practitioners we should have prepared, stone today just found a site was K, I didn’t go check what specific reason, because I know this station would be K. Shanghai Longfeng difficult to do make a lot of new Shanghai dragon people shake, give up? Or stick? There are some plans to study Shanghai dragon friend asked: Shanghai dragon stone as well as future? Do Shanghai Longfeng a month how much money? It is often seen. similar problems in Shanghai Longfeng forum or QQ group, I can only Shanghai dragon is a very boring industry, is tired of the industry, what do you think of the white-collar occupation. Shanghai dragon really old? Or Shanghai, as well as future? I think we don’t waste your time on these there is no sense of what the problem, as long as there is a market, the search will not stop, the search engine will not disappear, even if one day Shanghai disappeared, there will be thousands of search out. So these questions we don’t have to care about, do what you love to do, and can mix to eat, I was so simple to understand.


Shanghai Longfeng staff always go through such a process, the beginning is full of curiosity, then feel very boring, and then gradually began to confusion. So find yourself down Shanghai, difficult to walk the road, it is difficult to stick to it. As ZAC teacher said, according to their own preferences to do Shanghai Longfeng, rather it is a website, if you have no interest in this, specifically the sites of interest, Shanghai dragon interest, write soft interest, I think you are really hard to stick to it, and you will feel more and more tired, this is certainly not the life you want. Of course, the interest is not necessarily as family occupation, but with interest can often make you more passion to do a thing.