content is the soul of the website

many novice friends just begin to contact the Shanghai dragon, because many things do not understand, so there is no a clear hierarchy of process optimization, website optimization is divided into stages, different stages of focus is different, then the whole up so that our website will slowly see the optimization effect, today to lose weight Pro Xiaobian look together several stages of website optimization process:

four, website data fine-tuning stage


three, the website weight increase keywords competitiveness

although we have pre planning stage well, put all the problems and difficulties are analyzed, also analyzed the corresponding keywords, but inevitably there are wrong time, so this time we need to do some of the site’s location local fine adjustment, after all to know after consulting data and conversion rate how much we really, if not as good as the original estimate estimate so well must adjust the development of user search behavior and other industries are also in the change, 10 years ago, the user’s search mode and >

there is a saying that good, content is king, the chain for the emperor. The meaning of this sentence is not talked about, his order is our concern, first, then go to the chain, just imagine? We have a lot of original articles, but the content is very low, even the original article search engines are not included? How? How do we go to the competition and they rank so, have a good content, the present stage is to increase the weight of the website, the weight of our website after keywords will be more and more close to the forefront of the search results.

, a web site before the online planning stage

so we all ready to do a good job, I think it is no problem, to submit the search engine, and then start site included page. Included after our first task is to add website related content, imagine? Why do you search engine website list to the corresponding keywords forefront? It is because your website content relevance in this area can also search engines also pay attention to the user experience, we have a corresponding web site content can solve the needs of users, there will be corresponding keyword ranking, the content is really important.

contact with the Shanghai dragon promotion and more time, you will find that they do not extend to the site to do the planning lost many things, many webmaster friends including website promotion veteran is often the site keywords or title each column page structure for local modification, each modification has little effect the weight of the website, but does not modify the feel when making positioning is not ready, if the original planning phase of the home page, column page keywords and profit model positioning in positioning and good web page structure. I believe that behind is not revised many times, so that the site in the search results to strengthen the stability of many.

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