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Shanghai, I do not have much to say.

, choose "the phrase": the query results in a lot of long tail keywords such as "the latest movie which look good" "who recommend a nice new movie" with the latest movie index results will appear, convenient selection and analysis.

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home interface into the background after

focuses on "keyword matching" (here, miserable, not to pass the map, only the text)

this is love Shanghai compared to Shanghai most has the advantage of a dragon.

The following is the main function of

"recommended" for Shanghai dragon Er is really convenient and practical.

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rookie webmaster 77 television network to write original ~ ~ love Shanghai update today, hurry to leave work early to write something back, ha ha.


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home page is very simple, the remaining amount of accounts, below the two big promotion account search marketing and web promotion.

in the new version of "enter" is before the fried hot love Shanghai new phoenix nest system.

ha ha, not guessing, today we explain in detail to love Shanghai for promotion account background and some promotion enormous advantages over the Shanghai dragon.



input "in the latest movie" keyword recommendation

showed the highest search volume month.

, select "accurate": the query results in only the most "new film" once the search volume and the degree of competition


is in the middle of the chart of account recently, the right side is the latest update function.

Divided into broad matching and accurate matching phrase matching three matching keywords

, select "extensive": will appear with the most massive "new film" keywords, such as "2012 new movies" etc..

strong function: keyword recommendation



," recommended keywords this function similar to love Shanghai index, but more powerful.

forum upload limit, I mainly cut some of the more important function.

and "regional" such subsidiary functions and regional development view and display word with keywords expand the geographical name, such as Beijing Shanghai dragon.

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believe that today will be a lot of friends all know, interest, love and hate, but not quite understand.

The function of a region