compared to love Shanghai promotion, medical Shanghai dragon indeed put relatively low, after all, love Shanghai promotion a sell out in accordance with the rules of Shanghai love money ranking, but as long as not in money, ranking immediately will be deleted from the Shanghai love home, is to hurry, hurry. Think about some time ago, Shanghai and Putian were the love of war is around to promotion fee. Therefore, in order to get free from the search engine of long-term traffic is a top priority for medical treatment in Shanghai dragon.

, love Shanghai for the medical industry site hit, especially in love with a sea of sensitive words difficult to optimize the medical enterprise station. Therefore, the medical industry enterprises are taking a lot of love Shanghai cooperation, love is Shanghai type of promotion for the promotion, but the love of Shanghai promotion for enterprises, always occupy the highlight of the hospital expenses, even in the industry profits is not the way to promote the high consumption of the pay per click so there are still a large part of the medical or medical industry to build their own website for Shanghai dragon, propaganda and treatment features of our hospital.


construction site itself

, enterprise website construction of

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however, as mentioned above, love Shanghai for the medical industry hit, therefore, to the medical industry website especially enterprise station or good rankings and stable, so as to improve the free flow of the consultation is not an easy thing. So, how to optimize the medical enterprise website to get search engine traffic.


first, understand the medical brand polymerization effect. Before the website promotion, word of mouth will be website brand word. This is the general medical website will be conducted in the building before the operation. To enhance the visibility of website brand word, such propaganda is the purpose, but also through the promotion of hospital brand words, form a good reputation effect, to increase the amount of consultation website.

brand building station itself1,

under the new situation, the search engine algorithm change, it will cause a new round of industry reshuffle. This is the trend of people from the search engine on the point of view of original and high quality content in the website content on production. Especially for patients with cognitive knowledge of disease and disease, and how to determine the small skills available to patients need information, user demand information, to.

know website channel page, page, column page and the content of these pages. This is the homogenization of the web site is easy to make people feel that before. The website has its own characteristics, it will cause a copy to the site of the feeling, no characteristics, let visitors to the site to reduce the site’s credibility. As a result, free flow will be the loss of search engine. Therefore, strengthening the construction of the site itself, the site features and characteristics of energy, so as to retain users.

3, website content production