cheating on change radically

three, the number of site outside the chain trigger mechanism of

love Shanghai for the site of the updated snapshot of the relatively fixed rules, can generally be divided into snapshot day update, update the next day, two days, three days to update the update, these are more common to several more fixed snapshot update frequency, the rest is not fixed interval, short is one week, as long as half or even January the update frequency, the website weight update frequency has obvious problems, need to be optimized to special repair. In order to prevent the snapshot update drag on, need to be found in the initial snapshot stop updating as soon as possible to repair, to find out the reason for the snapshot stop updating, remove the problem as soon as possible to restore the normal update. After doing practice station and summary, generally have the following five culprits will often drag on the site, resulting in not updated snapshot of the phenomenon, today let us identify them one by one.

two, website content and page structure lack of thin thickness

love Shanghai love Shanghai snapshot is a website in the weight change algorithm system benchmark, can directly reflect the optimization for the love Shanghai website to see if there are problems, which often become the website from Shanghai to study love even punish "precursor", need long paid enough attention in the website optimization in daily.

snapshot is updated by love Shanghai spider crawling website for new content capture, only produced a new page to grab before the old original snapshot update, snapshot of the resulting update phenomenon. So, the new content constantly filled and rich is the root of Shanghai continues to attract love spiders crawl and crawl. Some websites are single page website page, less special, not fully content updates as a backup, only a few pages simple, so the site can only rely on the chain to drive the update, but this is still not enough for insurance, the lack of content and structure of the page "thickness" site prone to snapshot update slow, regular phenomenon stop updating.

for the site, the chain is to help the website quickly up the weight of important road construction outside chain is not the more the better, especially in the daily.

, a website updated irregularly and the content of poor quality


as everyone knows, the content is a soul of the website, especially for search engines, the quality of the content relating to the site in the search engine algorithm system score. Some owners in order to save, often by copying other news or even wholly intact direct acquisition of the content of other sites, without false original processing without even removing hyperlinks, the chain details in the text, the high repetition rate in more and more intelligent search engine is very easy to identify lead right down. In addition, the update frequency is often unstable to love Shanghai spider crawling crawl web content gradually reduced the frequency, but also make one disaster after another snapshot update slow, resulting in more and more serious problems.