to determine whether a site to search engine friendly, the easiest way is to check whether the contents of their daily update seconds. To judge whether a site is recognized by the search engine is included at the website, after all included size represents the search engine would recognise your content whether the user generated value. However, many owners have included the amount and ranking directly linked, in fact I think, the amount collected and ranking is never mind, now many included the amount of relatively low rankings is also very good, the key is the natural search volume keywords optimization of whether you. But can not say that the amount included no role in website optimization, optimization of long tail keywords Links, whenever the exchange and the amount collected related, take the optimization of long tail keywords it usually is with long tail keywords of the page, which included the amount of size is to optimize the operation effect to long tail keywords, because included the amount is too low, it shows that some pages were not included, and these long tail keywords in the page will not be able to get good rankings. So in website optimization, website cause instability is what? What factors will lead to the site included quantity and high and low

chain not only affect the ranking, but also affects the amount included in the website. The chain is not strong but not included is not good, in fact this is a misunderstanding, the influence of the chain I said to the amount collected, refers to the stability of the chain. The author believes that the chain focus on quality rather than quantity, many owners in order to increase the number of the chain type, and worked tirelessly every day to do the chain. There are countless rubbish outside the chain, and the chain of this part of the website are not useful, search engine is also particularly dislike for the ranking outside chain, even included the nature of these spam links will also be deleted at the same time, it will cause the chain continued to decline, and the search engine will be based on for this reason given a mild punishment website. As the friends of the station, from the beginning of March 4th, the chain will continue to go down, which reflects the site waste too much the chain, search delete engine, then the result is included in the amount of the continuing instability in the. So, in keeping the amount included in stability, owners need to first ensure their chain of increasing stability, and not for ranking outside chain, the chain more need to consider the quality of the chain and can guarantee stability, which is the key in the key.

many owners in the group’s own website is included in the morning was collected, the afternoon was deleted. In fact, the site is also before this happens, to this point I think the ultimate reason is the correlation between the site content and the type of site is relatively low, resulting in the search engine in combination with related factors.

, the chain continued to decline

first look at the site included a friend, included in recent days has been unstable, as shown in figure

two, the quality of the site’s content and low correlation