125.90.88.* Guangdong, Maoming Telecom also belongs to the love of spiders in Shanghai mainly caused by IP components, is a new on-line station more, and use webmaster tools, or by Shanghai Longfeng comprehensive measurement. is the 98% grab the home page, may crawl other (not the page) 220.181 belong to the IP segment the weight of the article or page over 24 hours to put out the basic. IP love Shanghai grab the home page, such as 220.181.108 words, basically every day your site will overnight snapshot, absolutely, I promise.

This is a special crawl pages included, low weight, over this section of the pages will not soon put out, not because the original or collected articles.

! key update page crawl reached 90%, 8% grab the home page, the other 2%. The weight of IP, the basic 24 hours home or climb out.

210.72.225.* of the IP period of uninterrupted patrol stations. is a comprehensive, grasping main page and inside pages or other, belongs to the weight of the IP segment, the home or climb over 24 hours to put out the basic.

203.208.60.* this IP segment abnormal phenomenon in the new site and. crawl pages included, weight >

according to different IP we can analyze the website is a kind of state. The following in my IIS diary of love on the Shanghai spiders IP for example: special grab home IP weight, the general return code is not updated on behalf of 30400.

the only tribute reference so that everyone on the IIS diary the engine spiders IP have a deeper understanding. So that the site of the current state. What we love each college Shanghai spider climb is not the same as the IP on behalf of

220.181.68.* every day this IP not only increase is likely in the sandbox or K station.

123.125.68.* the spider often, anything less, said the site is likely to enter the sandbox, or down the right.

121.14.89.* of the IP section is through the new study period.

220.181.7.*, 123.125.66.* IP visited Shanghai on behalf of the love of spiders, ready to grab you.