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I in this paper as an example to explain. Title: Beijing Nhll Technology Co. Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of omr. Content: OMR Nhll R & D card fast, excellent quality, good service. Our company is located in Beijing city XXXX. The spider through hypertext to our website, and through the station link to this article. Search engine judge analysis.

analysis should be the basic idea and the title is not much difference, but also have the difference, because contains information on the title than to the complex, all kinds of many, also have a more complex algorithm. The front has said that we are as follows: OMR Nhll R & D card fast, excellent quality, good service. Our company is located in Beijing city XXXX. Because the content is generally very long, so it is not possible to analyze the key words, he had to go to the horse to analyze a sentence or a paragraph. But >

I have recently in the manipulation of a non mainstream station, content is collected, start included fortunately, shortly afterwards by K, a few million data collected only dozens of love Shanghai station. Of course, I also know that has been collected is not the answer, but the limited manpower, can not go to a plus, is not realistic. I want to search for the search engine is how to judge whether or not the original, but unfortunately, this content is not. Then I go to the search engineer point of view to think, not a cold sweat ah, because the original judgment or not is too simple. I press my thinking order analysis, for reference.

is now a lot of web pages have significant traces of optimization, with a long tail word, but these are behind the position of the long tail word should just tell the engine page this is about what, because this word engine will think that there is too much repetition, obviously this is not a precise approach. To have a interception function, like the front only interception of 40 characters as content analysis. That is the ultimate engine, interception: Nhll Beijing science and Technology Co. Ltd. is a professional omr. The first thing to do is to decide whether the title is not the only one, how to judge it, rest assured. We all know that the engine classification is divided according to the order entry, the entry to how to do. Simple: entry word search. The engine to intercept the title according to the relevant search words to his database in 11 analysis of horse. For example, take the word OMR from the title, and then related search terms on the horse, if have the title database, will think that this title not only to be a horse, the contents of the article. If the word OMR matching is completed, Beijing Nhll will intercept, goodbye and so on, are on the horse…… Until the end of the engine that contains all of the title key word. The ultimate title of the horse has two kinds: one, no title database of this content, the content to be investigated. Two, the content of existing title database, to examine the contents of.

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