, you can see the contrast from the EPM on the diagram. I have said before, shlf1314 Adsense is definitely discrimination against Chinese users, of course, this is not because the Chinese like cheating, but their own Chinese traffic is not worth money. For the domain name parking, I personally feel that this is entirely discriminatory, and China’s regional accounts do not have the domain name parking this function. From personal experience, in fact, no matter what the national accounts on the same site, display advertising is exactly the same, why the price is not the same, I personally think it should be divided into proportions, perhaps Chinese area Adsense account proportion is much lower.

, there’s time for you to subscribe to my micro-blog. It’s a good address: http://s.t.sina.cn/affiliate search, affiliate can be found, and Affiliate knows what it means,

, "from scratch, promotion website twenty-four strokes" – a poor two white three promotion, no money also push web site

01, thousands and thousands of words the first sentence: put the content of the web site to do!

– but here must emphasize one point: don’t believe the "original", don’t fling caution to the winds of original content, we have to do is to integrate the content, like a good cook good craft do dishes, rather than their own to pigs. What we need to do is to integrate content into a compelling theme. As a matter of fact, that’s enough!

02, site title bar Title content optimization:

– write a brief introduction, no more than 30 words, and then the adaptation, as far as possible reasonable import related industry Web site keywords, in other words, to write "search engine" version of the web site.

03, web page title added:

– Web page, especially one of the more important channel and column page, add the same as your home page title, adding principle and web page title, such as a channel will become independent domain name to stand, this step is more important.

04, add and optimize web page tags META:

: the home page code, embedded descriptive text, summarized the characteristics and advantages of the website, also, also want to use the search engine’s language characteristics, it has a good effect on the optimization of search engines scan. Similarly, the website more important channel, column home page should also take the same steps. The other involves the optimization of search engine results, such as the increase in bold text title do not use pictures instead, column setting to facilitate the search engine scanning, increase the content of paging and so on, can also be appropriate to do some, but must pay attention, do not try to through the search engine optimization "SEO" to "cheat" the search engine, it will suffer severe punishment and! "Home of mobile phones" is a typical example of negative.

— log search engine, can say is a sign of website released, currently in the major search engines to domestic operations, including shlf1314, sh419, Skynet, search, search, Sogou, 3721, MSN and so on, to a fall, if the search engine does not accept, then three times a day, every day until the submission, be accepted so far. And because the search engine included new web site has a certain work cycle, generally for 1 weeks to February, ranging from, so this work early, hands-on better. Here’s a special point. Don’t use the so-called auto add tools.

06, >: landing site directory system

finally, in fact I think, hope to have the conditions of friends do not use China address shlf1314 Adsense, because after all, the first benefit is not good, then no domain name, more important is not to know what you don’t know what the reason is K off. About foreign shlf1314 Adsense account how to collect money, to find a friend to collect on it, direct check to collection.

about applying for the GG ADSENSE account, I’ll publish several excellent ways to apply for the GG ADSENSE account next time I publish an article.

yesterday, I chatted with a graph king, what thing to do at home, I need to have visibility in recent years too low-key, I have something to find, also let some friends to understand some foreign things. Before I had a blog, Internet advertising blog, ads.org.cn, now do not do, and I even ADSENSE removed, all transferred to micro-blog, or micro-blog convenience?. That site was placed before the Canadian address for the shlf1314 Adsense account, then the statistical statements are as follows:

brand promotion with these strokes, July activities set off 500-1000 yuan

TIPS: at least I personally feel that the country’s GG ADSENSE account department of English, very not easy to be K, and the management is extremely chaotic, because they do not need to confirm the ownership of the domain name can be batch, you can write directly to the website they can apply to get account. At the same time, the money was also confused. I once received GG ADSENSE payment two times a month. First, the money was transferred to my bank account. The money was returned. In fact, I received it and later issued a cheque to me.