first, the title of the website optimization of people love to hate.

third, the key point that the single page optimization.

love Shanghai and Google search engine two is our most common, but the title of the wording is different, for example to Google keywords and can be described using 3-4 different form repeat site keywords, Google looks like it is normal not to cheat, but in the face of love Shanghai I think 2-3 can. Don’t describe keyword density is too large, as far as possible in both prominent keywords into the theme of the site to reflect the keywords in the statement. In Lantian for example is probably the jade network sites such as Xi’an Lantian jade network professional exchange of Lantian jade bracelets, jade Lantian Lantian jade culture and so on knowledge. Just a sentence will come into the natural, very natural and can highlight the theme website.

Xi’an Lantian jade is a single page station, here I want to remind the single page station is not a lot of time to do some so-called navigation on the site at the top and increase keyword density operation, this is obviously cheating, in order to improve the keyword density, can be set in part, the release of the core words appropriate to reflect to do so, naturally to increase density and reduce the risk of being right down, single page in addition to grasp the keyword density, pay attention to the quality of the content and quality of the chain is the core content, adhere to a long period update, the chain to the high weight of the platform can be released, what ah, ah low message forum signature the quality of the chain or try to give up.


we all know, a single page site.

fourth, construction of the quality of the chain.

title is one of the core point love Shanghai love Shanghai optimization, often based on the title of the method to judge the website, but I think that since the title is so important when we can not blindly caption writing can not be too radical. As a webmaster are clear in the title, the core keywords should be placed in the front position, such as your site is Lantian jade that he wrote, Lantian jade, Lantian jade bracelet, were launched, behind the best is some descriptive text, such as XXX, Xi’an Lantian jade is Lantian jade lovers home this is similar to the word, and not in the title of a large number of repeat keywords, the best 2 core words to 3 words, too much will lead to the optimization of the suspect cheating.

as everyone knows, with the launch of Google website optimization, is undoubtedly the China love Shanghai NO.1, the face of a dominant trend the author thinks that we can’t take optimization excessive, can not accommodate the principle, in this case, the author thinks that only love the sea follow the principle of optimization to better do love Shanghai search engine optimization in fact, the principle is to love and banned from Shanghai white paper and the administrator tools in matters, we continued well into the theme of short gossip.

second, keywords and description in natural medium.