in "love" the sea search quality quantity of white paper "version of Jane, love Shanghai pointed out that the main evaluation quality of web content from the following perspectives: content production cost; the content is valid, complete and rich; whether the original; information is true and effective; whether more professional knowledge and experience of authority or investment; whether there is cheating.


love Shanghai required from first to last, are able to meet the user experience, has a high value, the "original" is just a synonym for love, Shanghai search engine that good quality ", is spent more time and energy into the editor’s editor, experience and professional knowledge of the content. The content is clear, complete and rich resources; effective and quality; true and effective information; safety; does not contain any cheating behaviors and intentions, strong user >

Shanghai has been pursuing love, "the main content is" the value is prerequisite to meet user requirements. Love Shanghai search engine evaluation web content quality mainly depends on the main contents of the quality, and whether the main content can make the customer satisfied. The main different types of web content, love Shanghai search engine to determine the different web content value, also need to pay attention to the point of difference.


in 2013, Shanghai implementation of the original love prevailed, although the acquisition station is greatly reduced, but no value, no substance site site proportion is on the rise. A lot of the site is to the original in the pile of words, no matter what the quality of the content, a variety of chicken soup, all kinds of nonsense are used, the content of no depth nor value experience, just to prove that this is the original, which led to the garbage disaster caused by flooding water content.

love Shanghai Webmaster Platform often referred to the original two words, the original words have been deeply embedded in the webmaster heart. Careful friends may be found in the sea before "love" search volume quality white paper "simple version, the original keyword appears only once, flashed, leaving no unnecessary lines, and in just the" love Shanghai "white paper" complete search engine quality version of which was not even the original two a word, just in examples which appeared. It is while you are still pondering the original, do not talk about the love of Shanghai.

in the latest version of the web content complete, quality evaluation criteria are simplified, love Shanghai said the quality of web content is the most important consideration is cost, content is complete, true and effective information and safety. On the original or not, not to mention.

love Shanghai downplayed the original two word original concept, why? The part may cause and a lot of misunderstanding, love Shanghai for the implementation of the original is a value of high quality content, advocate website to provide quality content for the user, with the passage of time, many webmaster is to understand his own creation, not. Not finishing editing will have good rankings, Shanghai will be quite different and this love.