therefore, if space use host site open speed is not good, so webmaster in advertising, I suggest you try the webmaster in the selection of third party advertising space to call, like love Shanghai advertising housekeeper is good, not only the speed class, click on the situation but also can help webmasters to collect statistics advertising.


1. control of each web page data

Most of the webmaster website must

2. choose third party system to call ad


DIV+CSS simple model

technology is the first station for as long as the little webmaster all know, although DIV+CSS and Table (table) this is a two page layout, but the layout of the two they were not the same, take the DIV+CSS model as an example, web design by DIV+CSS, the biggest advantage is the standardization the web page code, abandon the outdated Table (form) layout, realize the separation of the 3 content, performance and behavior between the HTML code structure better, easier to read and maintain, at the same time the page file size is also smaller. Such as the recent site to reconstruct a client, web page file size less than half of the original, so the use of less web space, "

according to the general situation, site access speed is based on the space distribution to decide, if you use the web host space to the configuration is very high, so the speed of your web site quickly; on the other hand, if you use the web space main machine to configure a bit low so, your site access speed is certainly better than go there; however, there are exceptions, site access speed is decided according to the configuration, but we can still improve the webmaster site access speed by itself, if you want to improve the site access speed, you can see the following I summarize how to to improve the experience of some small site access speed of


is a website access speed, in addition to other factors space host, mainly to see the "big data", in the face of this data is large, then the corresponding page open time is longer, so, if the webmaster want to improve the site access speed, so webmaster in the internal web site is best to avoid calls like FLASH with the picture this comparison data resources for

3. is the best website template using

the objective is to make money, and the website the most common way to make money seems to be the only one, that is advertising, and the webmaster in advertising in order to facilitate change, often will use the program source code attached to invoke the advertising function, if the space host site access speed fast enough the use of this publication, the webmaster with advertising function called not what, but fear is the host to access the site using the space speed is not fast, but also involves the database, it is recalled by the invisible drag open speed