there is a phenomenon can not be said to be the site was >

site is down right, is next to the site was a serious matter of K, if the site is down right, in the love of Shanghai domain domain is not in the first place, keywords ranking drop. I believe this judgment method as we all know, I will not nonsense, direct towards the topic today, caused by four reasons for the site was down the right analysis and solution:


. The server is not stable or open the slow. The server is not stable, leading to the site is always not open. Buy a server, a look at the speed, but to see the domestic stability, do best to buy domestic servers, the foreign server generally do not have the domestic server access speed, some people think the record of trouble, with foreign servers, if not actually go fast for the record, is often the filing process, the content of the website is not illegal, the record of the website will be deleted. I check my Alexa data website, Alexa website has said that open speed is too slow may be search engine punishment. The following diagram. If you buy a server, mainly local, and in Beijing, buy Netcom’s room on the line, the South North Telecom Netcom, similarly, the South will buy telecommunications. If the country, buy double, fast access.

four. The website is uneven distribution of weight

three. Site outside the chain of loss or a sudden large increase of

exchange Links, each website once closed, that brings to your site is a devastating blow. There is the other side of the site is K, but because you have to link to this site, so it may hurt your site is down right, then the chain is the original purchase quality is not high, no effect, but the chain has bought a relatively long period of time, then cancelled. Suddenly a massive increase in the chain, there may be a link Links exchange station, or buy the station link, suddenly caused a massive increase in the chain, the search engine is considered cheating. Personal advice whether to buy or exchange, do not do the station link quality is not high, the risk is big, buy or exchange can not be removed. The chain number is not the more the better, the two is the quality is good and the station link to buy a website, brought 1000 outside the chain to the site, the effect is far lower than that with 1000 sites do Links. The prevention work starts from the daily monitoring every day outside the chain, the problem also can be found in time.

two. The content of the website quality is low, is a collection of articles, collection content too much, to the user after seeing the left at a glance, website bounce rate is very high, PV is very low, so that a search engine will think you this is rubbish station, may drop right on your web site. For this reason, personal advice from the site early to pay attention to the quality of site content, deep processing of +10% light processing of +30% 60% is to rewrite the original.

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