Hello, I am ViewSonic ASO network optimization division Dian Wei, now many people and little sister ASO wet, the first thought is about Apple’s APPStore, but we have to understand that the domestic application store user share has reached 70%, while the domestic market Android is much and miscellaneous, piracy everywhere, and tend to commercialization but the domestic market, Android application platform ranked with super user traffic is really blind to ASO

today, ASO over ViewSonic open class is mainly something to you about how to use some good free Android market resources, as far as I know, the Android ASO actual explanation, several more well-known APP dry cargo platform also little concerns, oh, say something others have spoken something to tell the truth, was challenging, but the challenge will have a harvest, I hope in this period through Android ASO experience, and my colleagues will be harvested.

, a Shanghai mobile phone assistant

ASO, on ASO, I believe we must know what is the meaning of ASO, if you have a Shanghai dragon, I will tell you that ASO is the mobile search engine optimization end, if you just enter the ASO, I will tell you the ASO is operating hot word coverage and search results rankings for the APP app store.

when your APP traffic in Shanghai mobile phone assistant after must add "official certification" in the background, it certainly has its benefits. Add the "official certification" of the benefits is that when users search for AP>

, we started for several Android applications market analysis to explain one by one:

every Friday, why can have wet little sister 12 enthusiastic work work work well, of course, because it is the weekend before the last day of the job, to cherish! ~ ~ Keke, a little. Get to the point today, we still talk about ASO, said ASO, a small wet sister first thought is that Apple’s APPStore, but ViewSonic ASO network optimization division with shoe Dian Wei do not think so, he said, to do ASO must also pay attention to the Android store, Android app store? Well, today to let say one or two, Dian Wei Wednesday, or torture.

ASO optimization division Dian Wei:

Oh!We speak of ?

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put in front of the barrier mesh leaves off, we can not only see the sun of the day, you can see the gentle moonlight at night to illuminate the future ~~

1, "the official certification of the application of


standard and professional apple APPStore app store, can see APPStore has trained some applications worldwide, but why can not see the Android application market has brought a real user