when we put the site well, we hope that the organization included us, so we have to do is to please! Please? On the one hand we can direct door-to-door, is also included to submit applications directly; "


this site’s domain name is registered yesterday at about 11 yesterday evening, the program is installed, the template simply modify it, and add a few articles! Until today morning noon or not included, made a few posts, to at 2 o’clock at the time have been included;

example is so simple, that make some notes fast included new love Shanghai, I hope everyone can help to

this week has been busy in the website, what the website? Some time ago, Deng has been on Taobao for Taobao guest or guest website, hold very big hope, very optimistic about this model; depressed is so late to begin the operation, although not late, but it is not easy since before; I intend to do, this person is impatient, just do it; then call this Monday at the new site, is a new registered domain name, space program templates are available to buy modifications, the whole operation process is very common; since it is from the railway station to do so for the website optimization there is some experience to share with you; today is to share is how to make your new sites included within 24 hours before? We see this title may think is the title of the party, or eye posts, Said I do, then how much to pay training fees and I teach you what! But I don’t have eye trouble child Deng one of my own, where the operation of the station today to explain, in fact, the method is very simple, everyone will, only to grasp a certain time

case website: 贵族宝贝fxiongo贵族宝贝/

as a new station, do you want to join an organization, let others accept you, but the slightest understanding of the situation, then you are a normal person, the so-called normal people is that you have to wear clothes, then can talk and walk, it is normal for; for the website, is in the structure, procedures to be complete; in addition to fast included, must have unique content to the search engines that you soon! For the site, the unique features of the content is good, so new sites in the structure of no problem, but also need to add some content; here do note that if the original good article, can not copy and paste, it should not

post organization test;

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from this snapshot shows time should be morning included, just haven’t put out

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to let love Shanghai included, the site itself to clear structure, rich content of

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