in Shanghai Longfeng exchange regardless of the individual or the Shanghai dragon service company, is a good time to accumulate contacts, people can through a variety of communication will know more counterparts, such exchanges will be easier after. Because from the network to the reality, the reality of friends than friends are more likely to trust, when the exchange of the most taboo others hide, want to do a good job in the local Shanghai Longfeng service orders, the easiest way is limited by a network of connections, but not for everyone. Know another customer through a customer, you need to maintain good relations with customers, can hold a Shanghai Dragon Consulting exchange, please a lot of enterprise to free lectures, free to ask questions, this is a more effective way of promotion. When you have accumulated rich contacts, to do business easier, customers will take the initiative to find you.


with the flood of Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai Longfeng knowledge and technology, communication platform or the way Shanghai dragon industry urgently needs a more meaningful, Shanghai dragon is to end the forum, like the popular fire dragon Shanghai WHY forum has now also become the chain of the ocean, but Shanghai dragon WHY forum launched the Shanghai dragon quiz the real name registration system, and. Shanghai dragon industry never cannot do without communication, especially integrity, meaningful communication, to Shanghai dragon forum and webmaster forum basically is to send the chain. This exchange is not much real significance, often have new people to ask questions, but the response is often "learning, see" language of irrigation. The local Shanghai dragon industry, or a small circle of Shanghai dragon, need more sincere exchange and sharing, not behind closed doors in Shanghai dragon, is the survival benefit by mutual discussion.

third: the establishment of local Shanghai Longfeng platform is conducive to the development of local industry in Shanghai dragon "

second: the establishment of local Shanghai Longfeng exchange platform is conducive to the accumulation of interpersonal relationship

Shanghai, the need for innovation, need more professional, but the actual situation is often affected by various factors, sometimes insufficient resources, sometimes is Shanghai Longfeng practitioners professional skills standards. The majority of Shanghai Longfeng service companies have their own team, but the team’s ability to most need to upgrade, line three line of the city is even more so, the local city of Shanghai dragon industry needs more professional, the city also belongs to the second city, currently according to the understanding of local few more professional Shanghai dragon service company the local market is not limited and several Shanghai Longfeng service company. If there is a better communication platform, regularly carry out offline communication activities such as, or a Shanghai dragon club what. It is quite perfect, communication is a very effective way of learning, for the novice, is certainly a great boon.

the first point: the establishment of local Shanghai Longfeng exchange platform is conducive to enhance the professional knowledge of