analysis: site search escape rate is higher, the page content needs to be optimized, inadequate or inaccurate recommendations.

analysis: search engine structure is reasonable, the different proportion of the normal search engine.

(four) site visit length analysis

(a), website source analysis

, a website currently access analysis

site of the recent 30 day visit to the source

(two), analysis of

website recently 30 day long visit to

(three) search access bounce rate analysis

source search engine

analysis: Web sources focused on search engines, the excessive proportion of external links and directly enter the URL of the proportion of small, the overall structure is not reasonable.

The The

website recently 30 days search term bounce rate (percentage of the last column)


solutions: strengthen the external promotion, increase the high quality of the chain, need to do more promotion in the relevant forum, Post Bar, micro-blog, Q & a community platform, to guide reasonable release links, guide the user access.


interpretation: health website source, search engine, external links and directly enter the URL of the ratio should be close to 1:1:1. The site visit is too dependent on the search engine, accessed through the external links the proportion of less, indicating the site of external promotion is not enough.

a few days ago, I was lucky enough to have a chance to help a small enterprises to optimize their website, so with their superficial experience, aiming at the existing problems of the enterprise website is briefly analyzed, and put forward some optimization strategies.


: the structure is reasonable, do not need to invest too much in this respect.


website recently 30 days of search engine access

: according to a popular search term optimization "chapter, provide more valuable information for users. The article recommended column to select highly related articles and some popular articles.

interpretation: search source rate can jump out of that web content will reduce the rate of jump out, keep visitors, in order to better increase website access times.

explained: the current domestic search engine mainly love Shanghai, 360 and Sogou, their market share ratio is about 6:3:1.

analysis: the proportion of visits to more than 1 minutes about 10% views accounted for 40%, the proportion of this part.