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three, a slightly larger page too much information in business or website may have a list of products, "the first page and the next page site might list the 5-10 link and can simply calculate if this class has 1000 products, each page lists 20, you need 50 pages. So if in accordance with the traditional navigation page, columns may be hundreds or thousands of times to see at the back of the product, if there is no chance to optimize these products included almost zero. We can use a multiple of 10 or multiples of 20 to set the page directory, so you can reduce the number of links to the page.

The most important optimization problems to be solved including the collection and distribution of the

page for example making for specific festivals or promotional activities topic page. These pages according to classical tree structure, usually is not far away from the front page weight is too high, in order to obtain a higher weight of these sites, the easiest way is to connect directly with the page on the home page on the key, even in the sidebar, promotion of recommended plus station link.

web page weight structure. In the ideal condition, the classical tree structure should be a good link and weight allocation mode. But each site has its own special problems need to solve IDE, not suitable for the optimization of all secret site structure, so we must analyze specific issues.

Some key

, a key home in general, website home page for the outer link up to the highest weight. The home page link to a page, the page level weight after the home page. Most sites have a hierarchical classification, weight decreased, but the lowest is the most general product page.

two, non essential pages each website has some aspects of the function and the user experience is necessary, in view of Shanghai Longfeng unnecessary pages, such as privacy policy and user login page, user registration page, contact us, from the user’s perspective, these pages must function or help to improve the website trust the. But the search engine can not fill in registration, also can not login, keywords general website will not want to optimize this, these pages do not need not willing to get any ranking. Shanghai Longfeng personnel to the site well, try to reduce unnecessary pages.