is updated before keyword ranking figure

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webmaster friendship connection factor, specifically examined friendship connection site, found that most did not drop right, included the number and snapshot does not suspect what, just have a site seems to have been closed to open, found the problem, the webmaster immediately delete the connection to other sites, ha ha.



, thank you!

this is a picture of this week updated ranking

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first, we can see that the webmaster second pictures to do a lot of adjustments to the website keywords, such as changes in the density, before the keyword density is around 3%, and now rising to 5%, while the number of keywords is changed, the stationmaster on the site to make some big changes in the keywords distribution and quantity, I want to rank the decline must have very important relationship with


keyword ranking decline at the same time, it is found that the number of webmaster website outreach also fell nearly 1000, why is it in the end, the author thinks that the chain dropped so much may be due before the forum posts are deleted or some with the chain station site is caused by K. The key for outreach decline decline must also have a certain influence, so this also must pay attention to

because of the time, today I temporarily first analysis here, thank you for reading, the author thinks that a sudden drop in rankings do not be too concerned about, just keep the original update frequency and outreach construction, ranking the absolute recovery point the day and await for it. The rainbow auxiliary network (贵族宝贝 the original starting A5, reproduced please keep the original source

for the operation of the website, the most troublesome thing is love after Shanghai update overnight keyword ranking suddenly dropped by N. The last time in the article (share the operation experience and feeling of three secondary rainbow months) also had this three months of hard work were not in vain, "who knows love Shanghai in last week’s update gave me a head-on blow, a keyword ranking at once so I managed to get up in the search the results Not the least trace was found. disappear. Today I came to analyze what is the reason why not say nonsense? First, the first two graphs for everyone to see.

from the top of the two picture we can see a keyword ranking with the obvious fluctuation, here I come to give you an analysis of love Shanghai why suddenly cut the station’s ranking.