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executives positions are fraught with crisis,

at home, because of policy support and business demand for related services on the rise, the cloud industry has shown a strong vitality. Domestic emerging cloud service providers, multi backup just get IDG lead vote, geeks help with the cast of tens of millions of angel round of investment which is the official official announcement of financing for the first time. Seven South Road with multiple backup co-founder & CEO; Hu Maohua, in a number of large companies served as executives of how he entered into the business field of cloud services? What is the most difficult problem in the process of starting backup? How to survive in the Ali cloud cloud giant Tencent in the space and the development of

I was originally in the Tencent, employee number is 116, has been the position of director, I left in 2009, I was a relatively early group of employees leaving the Tencent. Do 10000 people from the No. 116 Tencent in this company, I found myself doing more and more detailed, more and more narrow, grow more slowly, and then to the middle management level, you are just a performer, a transmitter, a long time, feel no sense of presence, too no sense of achievement and progress is very slow, it will have a sense of fear and a sense of crisis.

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Gartner Gao Dena, NYSE: IT and ITB released data, the global generalized cloud services market in 2013 reached $about 130000000000, an annual growth rate of 18%, is expected in 2017 will reach $244 billion 200 million, and the next few years will maintain a growth rate of over 15%. From the regional distribution of the global cloud services market, the United States accounted for more than 50%, the share of Western Europe and Japan fell slowly, and China and other emerging economies share rapidly.

came out of Tencent, he was excited and frightened, and the working environment of Tencent was relatively simple. After he came out, he found that the competition was fierce and everything should be done from scratch. Then went to Shanda, an independent subsidiary of Shanda investment, to do CTO. Then went to No. 1 shop as vice president, responsible for this piece of technology. I have been doing more than 10000 people in the domestic larger Internet Co.

in several companies after, I found that the larger the enterprise the more detailed division of labor, the existence of individuals and a sense of accomplishment is fuzzy, is reduced; the larger the enterprise system more weight, flow is longer, reduces the efficiency of individual, effective working time more and more short, grow more slowly, especially managers. Not down to earth day meeting to discuss strategy, communication, reporting, performance, budget, intermediate have entrepreneurial ideas, but has not to pay for the action. Having been a big company for a long time, it is easy to see that your experience has touched the ceiling. Although ability and experience have been able to solve some things, they find themselves unable to make decisions because there is a bigger boss. At the same time, throughout the company, >