on the afternoon of May 9th, the weather in Beijing was not as good as usual. Looking out of the grey dormitory window, Wang, a reporter at the people’s Congress School of journalism, decided not to go out to dinner. "Don’t want to go out, call takeout!" after getting the roommate’s approval, Wang skillfully brush a "hungry" site, 32 orders, and then take the delivery downstairs.

sit under the front row, Dou Na in the middle position of the round table the Saiman group Commodity Center Director sinus, born in 1984, Qianjiang Hubei, from the beginning of 2005 after Ye Guofu, probably the most able to understand Ye Guofu pride. Even Ye Guofu imagined, 3 years later, his business empire annual revenue will reach 60 billion yuan. His confidence comes from the company’s retail chain brand name product excellence success: "two years to open 1100 stores around the world, sales exceeded 5 billion, third years target is 10 billion, and to meet the three dimensions of the scale of sales, store number and area at the same time, currently in no second world, no second team."

market is really big, but keep an eye on it


hungry, this name quite lazy mind are chowhound website, has become the largest China food takeaway ordering platform.

"are we hungry? The initial and final dream is simply a wish to bring food to everyone’s table in the most effective channels."." Hungry, founder, 85 after the entrepreneur Zhang Xuhao in an interview with the twenty-first Century Business Herald reporter said, he believes that the biggest challenge now encountered is how to take takeout just need to move to the internet.

2012-2013 years, Ye Guofu and Dou Na and other companies at the core layer, often to the United States and Japan to investigate new projects, "I do not buy things in China, in Japan and Korea to buy a lot of things."." The layman, of course, thinks the quality of Japan and Korea is good, Dou Na said

in April 2009, several Shanghai Jiao Tong University students were co founded. Were they hungry?. 5 years of development, it did not like the recent hot taxi software that people know, but quietly appear in more and more people’s lives.



2011, 2012 and 2013, hungry, has won Jinsha River $1 million A round of financing, Jingwei venture capital $3 million B round of financing, Sequoia Capital lead C round of financing.

takeout just needed

pedestrian Advisory data released in 2013, China catering industry O2O market rapid development in recent years, the overall size of 2014 is expected to be a breakthrough in 2015 will reach 91 billion 300 million, 120 billion; with the change of people’s lifestyle, pursuit of convenience and depth docking and the Internet will make online ordering become increasingly widespread popular online. Delivery will become an important force in the rise of the food O2O. And the rapid popularization of mobile Internet, will further stimulate the extension of this trend.

this moment, I’m afraid 18 years ago, the young people, Ye Guofu did not dare to think. At that time, he can not afford to pay the tuition to secondary school graduated from Hubei, Shiyan Railway Station, carrying sacks, lonely south to work. That year, Alibaba founder Jack Ma and his eighteen Lohan failed in their two venture in Beijing and were preparing to withdraw Hangzhou.

took the team to go to Japan, South Korea, I am afraid this is the founder of many clothing, accessories etc. brands and retailers will do, but in the shopping process, "copy" to back a business model, and the rapid test is probably not much.

founder Ye Guofu Saiman holding group proudly told "entrepreneurs", in the gym will be the beginning of the enterprise, at present in the China in Guangzhou is less scanty. He believes that at least to meet a number of conditions: more people; strength; willing to spend money. In the Saiman annual meeting, to more than 3000 people, but this is not the total number of employees to 20 thousand 1/6.

in the gym make annual meeting, the first impression is probably the Alibaba in Hangzhou Huanglong stadium engaged in annual meeting, Ma Yun dressed as snow white very pretty and charming on the stage. Wearing a suit, white shirt, wearing a headset, Ye Guofu stood in their home court, with Ma to a space of dialogue: "you look at the big screen on this picture, you can find the people you know? This is a few days ago January 14th in Hangzhou, a large shadow after the internal communication standing behind me, Ma Yun, and Shi Yuzhu, Feng Lun."

reporter Liu Fangyuan intern reporter Wei Syria in Beijing

in Zhang Xuhao seems, with the deepening of China’s Internet reform, and colleagues years of hard work, online shopping habits such as Internet consumption is increasing in magnitude. This is now the Internet takeaway industry surging, into the outbreak of the necessary external conditions.

recently, hungry and strategic cooperation with the public comment network, access to comment network and other investors totaling $80 million stake?. The two sides will cooperate in terms of merchant channels, content resources, mobile clients and so on.

hungry according to internal data, to 2014, the average daily volume of orders for takeout on the site has reached more than 100 thousand single, annual turnover of more than 1 billion 200 million online, covering nearly more than 30 large and medium-sized city 5 franchised restaurants.

January 16, 2016, Guangzhou gymnasium hall 2, more than 300 round out such a big aspect, the government is not the place to engage in battle, the reception here is a company called Saiman holding group of enterprises in the annual meeting held here.

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