I was learning the computer, but didn’t touch wangzhuan. My friend told me when he was talking on that he made hundreds of dollars on the Internet. I asked him what he was doing. He did 51vk CPA. So I did 51vk with him.

after 90 entrepreneurship seems to have become the past, people are mostly looking at the attitude of 90 entrepreneurs. But ofo shared bicycle founder and CEO Dai Wei is successfully toppled a bureau, he as a 25 year old man, is one of the many 90 entrepreneurs in learning a.

first of all, is the background of 90 entrepreneurs. The state strongly promotes innovation and entrepreneurship, and gives certain support in policy. Especially for college students. At present, the project of College Students’ innovation and entrepreneurship is very different from the success rate. According to incomplete survey found that in 2010, a team of 160 entrepreneurial business incubator college students of a university in Shenzhen, of which only 12 companies are still in operation, the rest one hundred entrepreneurial projects to survive leads to failure, the success rate of entrepreneurship is less than 1%. This means that although national social background and provide policy support, but after 90 business is still a milksop.

didn’t start cycling as a shared resource at the start of its business. This is a deeply customized riding tour, but without success. Then he turned to sharing bikes, and the little yellow cars were born. And from the campus to society, now more and more people know, understand and like, is not an easy process. From the beginning of only 400 yuan of funds, so far completed the D round of $450 million financing, it took less than three years. This is one of the reasons for the increasing development of ofo, and it is proved that as long as the right project is found, the success of 90 is not a dream. < >

secondly, after 90 entrepreneurship has great limitations. Market demand, shortage of funds and team problems are the most prominent factors that lead to failure. Funding is the biggest problem in the early 90 venture. Without funds, there will be no equipment, no equipment, no raw materials. Even if the loan, but also needs a lot of conditions, which is undoubtedly to 90 entrepreneurs pose a great challenge. In addition, unable to grasp the market demand is also a fatal point. Where there is demand, there is momentum. Market changes, and tight pace of the times is an important factor in the development, only to grasp the needs of people and society, in order to create a wide range of products needed, will form a trend.

bought space, domain names, and put friends on my ad page. Then go to the 51vk registration number and put the CPA code on it. The next step is to promote, I mainly to pull chat room and UC chat room. The specific way is to find ways to let the other side add you as a friend, your number settings automatically reply, the content of the reply is your advertising. Through this method, 3 or 4 hours a day can also earn tens of dollars. Just feel too tired. Just think of ways to make yourself less comfortable and make money. So I thought of buying traffic. Through friends, I went to the 779 union to buy traffic. For the first time bought 2000 traffic, and in the rebound, released his exchange chain. The result is 10 dollars a day. Think, do not work hard, you can make money, and then continue to buy traffic. But the effect is getting worse and worse, and in the end, basically hit and play. So I want to find a good quality IP traffic union. So I found another one. It’s a new alliance, called the 919 volume alliance. Use the same advertising page in the same way. As a result, 2000 traffic makes more than 20. Hey, the effect is better than 779, I think it should be the new open alliance reasons. Less cheating, less false traffic. The alliance is strict with cheating monitoring.

and Dai Wei is the current 90 entrepreneurs in a hot topic. His actions not only let us see the simple things, but also create wealth, and let us see the confidence of 90’s entrepreneurship.

is becoming more and more 51vk. My profit is less and less. So I started sp. Short message alliance uses a forward messaging service. Traffic alliance or 919 traffic alliance?. SP basically not make money, can guarantee is good. So soon I started working on other projects. I also did 51vk’s CPS, and I did ud99’s CPA, CPS, cpas. In short, I haven’t made any money in the past few months, but I’ve learned a lot about Internet and made a lot of friends.

I do Wangzhuan there are a few months. The joy is pregnant with sorrow, I learned some Wangzhuan introductory skills, the tragedy is only a few months to earn hundreds of yuan. Now let me talk about my experience,.

now, with the increasing wave of bike sharing, like ofo, v-mobile bicycle, Yongan and other major bike sharing development has become a new industry and trend, major investors and new developers in droves. And Dai Wei as one of the founders of ofo, but also a typical 90 after a member. Why can he succeed and become the new trend in the army which is gradually losing his vitality? This needs to start with practical problems.