site time: March 6, 2008


site construction process: site 19 days revision, change title


baidu:160 page, sinister and smart guy,

google:130 page, honest steady guy,

yahoo:157 page is very pushy almost every day in the collection, dynamic

soso:63 pages are silent, and always feel no other search engines

sogou:8227, SITE,

personal summary: before revision, Baidu included a home page, after 20 days did not included, several search engines in the revision of the time reflect almost the same, basically not how included! The reason why the data posted today this thing to you pay special attention to Sogou!, before I did not care how he felt it was not included, the mainstream search engine impression, but it contains the result is really beyond expectation! At present, from the IP traffic brought by the search engine, Sogou is more than 3 times as much as Baidu! It’s a bit scary compared to other search engines, and now I have 12254 articles in my website. It contains basically 70% articles, sigh!