for the novice to me, holding the attitude of learning, entered the ranks of the site, to start their own station, along the way, every day is looking at Baidu’s mood to live, see many webmaster articles, "the heart grow flowers, flowers do not open, unintentional, shady." Such is the case。

Think of open course of

station, the station I is specific for everyone to provide input station download, this is my first book, it has deep meaning, "let us enter!" enter our life, enter our life, well, a little, ha ha ha.

Before the

station saw some website operation articles, know the search engine optimization to’SEO’station network, Admin5, China stationmaster net, some web site to see how the site operation, how to develop, not only not feel, so open up. Two days before the website online, can be said to be original, write two article, site of the most important purpose is not to deviate from, is to provide input to download, so that we can better use the input method, because the key is the most important, with the help of friends and my little a little experience, to set the website keywords, Sogou input method, five stroke input method Sogou input method, download a few keywords, novice in keyword selection should pay special attention to, because at present, Baidu in China is the most cattle, so most of the visitors are users, Baidu brings in. Keywords tOP, Baidu and Baidu hot list index is very important, to help novice Baidu hot address: and Baidu index: keywords to compare, There is a trend of Google, but also should pay attention to it, the best choice of words and choose to focus on the number of included number to do comparison, do find some relevant keywords look, find the most suitable for the novice, recommended attention is low, that would be good to do, not on the same site lose confidence, website is needed for a long time, not a day for two days will have effect.


keyword in the station selected, a new article, then SEO is publicity, first attack from Baidu, over the years, Baidu on the new site collection time is shortened, before is at least half now, maybe two days on, my station is included in the third day, very happy very surprise, novice I did not expect so soon included, to share experience,

1., Baidu post bar, Baidu know, Baidu blog, Baidu encyclopedia, these are essential.

2. Sina blog is the fastest update in Baidu, sometimes in two hours can be received, add your own link.

3. NetEase blog, although not updated Sina fast, but also essential.

4., Sina forum, NetEase forum, Admin5 forum, Q>