, Baidu, Google: my site, I decide, how to do what I want to do, because this is my territory, so I’m the boss. This seems to be a lot of inside the heart of Baidu and Google a portrayal of it.

speaking of things but also from the author at the beginning of the collection of Mr. Li Kaifu, the site of the need to know, Li Kaifu teacher Chinese influence in students mind, in order to facilitate to Chinese college friends, I went to collect the related articles about Li Kaifu teacher made the album, placed in a cool pull network marketing [www.kookla.cn] among the topics.

of course, the articles are collected from the web site, most of the works of teacher Li Kaifu, there are some media reports on the teacher. So, also go to Baidu search, in Baidu input Li Kaifu, and get 6180000 results, row first is Baidu encyclopedia about Li Kaifu teacher’s introduction, second is Li Kaifu teacher, sina blog. The third is my teacher Li Kaifu’s net.

was like this, then go looking for nothing, but the author himself curious about this, and suddenly there is an idea, just want to see, Google search results is like, like Baidu?. To claim that SEO is to practice as the main author, immediately open the input of Google Li Kaifu, the result is: 2290000, the first row is Li Kaifu teacher I am learning network, second teacher is Li Kaifu Sina blog, and Baidu encyclopedia in seventh. (above data for natural results obtained by noon April 10, 2008)

is the total load of Google as everyone knows, Li Kaifu China District, in Chinese is Baidu’s biggest rival, here don’t want to talk about other factors, only from the SEO perspective, if the results through pure machine algorithms, the results are not the same, only one reason is that the two calculation methods in a different, otherwise, the chain I am learning network, optimization and so on, never came in a blog on Sina, Sina and Li Kaifu blog will never open longer than I learn.

I do not know Baidu is intentionally or unintentionally, I am learning network ranking competing in the Sina blog, and still there is indeed Baidu encyclopedia, my site I call the shots of the taste, I do not know Google is not interested or not, his search results should not be so much worse than Baidu. It’s reminiscent of the earlier rumors that Google manually understood Li Kaifu’s negative stories.

no matter what other people’s sites or the people call the shots, we do SEO is to see people look to eat, whether you are doing what is good, to help customers how to perfect the website optimization, but as long as people adjust algorithm, can you optimize the customer site in a day. Immediately from the search engines disappear or >