07 August, purple field room suddenly shut down,

in August 07, the Shantou computer room was suddenly shut down,

in September 07, Shanghai Waigaoqiao room was closed,

earthquake in May 08, Wenchuan

08 years before the Olympic Games in August, many websites inexplicably closed

web server disk suddenly damaged

misoperation results in data loss

site is hacked, data is deleted,

black IDC overnight evaporation

In fact,

similar emergencies for the site we will encounter more or less, but how many webmaster attention? When your website’s server temporarily lost contact with you, when your hard disk is suddenly broken, when black IDC suddenly disappeared, how many webmaster can vowed to ensure to establish the mirror on the other servers in the first time, to restore the site visit

?In fact, many owners are not necessarily

no backup consciousness, but most of the time, not every day to do a backup, the backup time interval, leading to the final when unexpected events can not be perfect to restore data.

himself is a victim of Koda events that year, has been locked up in the few days anxiously to the customer service call, but in the end or in nearly a week after the server is started, because all customer information in the server, resulting in the black one week of my business basically come to a standstill, leave me a profound lesson, since the beginning of the website automatic data backup, the backup will be part of experience to share with you:

1. backup is best placed in different places

what’s the use of backup in the host if you can’t find the host?

2. backup is better than 1 kinds of

, regardless of the backup mode, is likely to have problems, more backup methods, less risk.

3. lays down the backup schedule and strictly implements

‘s planned backups are non-existent when most emergencies occur.

4. don’t change anything directly on the website,

many webmaster are accustomed to modify the code directly on the website or other, this is not a good habit, it is recommended to modify locally after debugging upload to the web site. If you can do all of the above, I think your website will be able to rebuild quickly when the emergency comes, without much impact.

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