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SEOER started to blog, a station is very time consuming, and compared to the conventional site, blog has many disadvantages, such as integrity is not high, the report may be deleted files even titles etc.. Compared to a level domain name, most blogs, such as Baidu space and Sina blog, are two or three domains, which have obvious disadvantages when they compete for hot keywords. And through Maoming SEO personal experience, the following five steps, can effectively optimize your blog ranking.

one, write a good title,

How to write the title of the

title? The importance of the optimization of the SEO blog before needless to say, it must find a good title to the set, and then around the title to organize the content of the blog, the most common title is "+ brand word keywords".

two, the article page keywords need to set

a lot of people’s blog is simply set the label, and not for the article page keyword settings. Keyword is the central point of the whole article, but also Baidu want to grab the word, Maoming SEO strongly suggest that you write keywords, the article page ranking optimization has no small help.

three, how to write blog description

The importance of

blog described after the title, the user through the view of the description in the search engine, on your blog for a preliminary understanding will enter your blog, so the weight to the user experience as the center of the search engine will naturally not small to describe the distribution of. In the description of your keyword must appear, or you can write your blog key recommended Bowen, keywords appear frequency limit in 3 to 5 words is appropriate.

four, adhere to many original

every dayThe original

can give each site of fresh blood, is also a favorite of search engines, to more than 2 articles in the original Bo Wen every day, Bo Wen can add anchor text links or links to other Ming Bo Wen addresses himself, and published in Bo Wen after the release of the Bo Wen chain, can achieve short-term rapid promotion blog ranking objective.

five, the first priority to grab non popular keywords

Maoming SEO at the beginning of this article analyzes the disadvantages of blog station, and as a blog early stage, ranking is unsatisfactory, such as the author of the blog station, the early keywords are the first ten pages are missing. For blog initial optimization, I suggest that the key to snatch the competition is not fierce keywords, generally one to two weeks can do up.

finally, let’s remind you of the small details of blogging. Sometimes the details can determine success or failure:

one, early don’t rush to add the chain, and other blog included ascension, and then began to increase the web site outside the chain.

two, when content is based on pseudo originality, modifying the layout and adding pictures can enhance the originality of bowen.

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