, a German artificial intelligence software company, studies EyeQuant’s eyes when shopping online. What else is there besides the shoes? Er, and the chest of the model.


open the web page, what is our first sight? "On the model of advertising picture? The company top search bar icon? Or

?The German

artificial intelligence software company EyeQuant an eye tracking experiment for the study of online shopping, people open the web page, the eyes are staring at the end where to look, the latest results show that some of the past about web design, such as the golden rule people attention on the position of the face seems to have to rewrite the.


In the

experiment, 46 subjects were asked to assist EyeQuant in improving the predictive computing system for web eye absorption. The participants went to the University of Aus Knapp Luc in Germany (University of Osnabrueck) neural science laboratory, their purchase intention includes the latest Levi s jeans, a Taghit department store (Target) sold the television or the weekend in Paris and other 200 products, in view of the corresponding page of these products, by laboratory personnel the heat map (heatmaps) presents the most absorbing eye elements, and the suction eye of the average length of 20 seconds. Here’s what the researchers found:


1., the face of a model isn’t that important,

people like to pay attention to other people’s faces, even for inanimate objects. Therefore, designers often use this to design advertisements, for example, let the pictures in the model stare at a paragraph of text to see, so that people who see advertising in the same direction. However, this study shows that subjects are more interested in titles, text, or search fields than those with large faces.


The bigger the font size of

2., the less it will attract

even if it is written in Big Dipper style "jump big sale", it is difficult to attract the eyes of the subjects. On the contrary, people tend to read smaller fonts carefully. For example, when people visit such as English Proofread writing proofreading website, occupy a lot of space on the left is easy to ignore in the name of the company, but for the more detailed subtitle (though that is larger than the text font).


3., "free" is no longer a universal word,

free stuff everyone loves, right? But people don’t seem to get "free" two as much as we think