Most of today’s

sites have joined the social sharing button, which is almost a molecular trend of diffusion. The idea of these webmasters might be that users will be happy to share what they see on the web with friends, family or colleagues. These buttons, for example, Pin, G+ and Facebook with Twitter, in theory, to provide users with a fast seamless content sharing experience, but also to a certain extent help the search engine optimization: from other sites to link to your own website.

but frankly speaking, the above function depends on the way you button, they also can be very annoying things — imagine you mouse over a blank will pop up a bunch of social sharing buttons. Several of my clients have done some usability tests to try and find out how much the user needs the button. Finally, the conclusion is that whether users share or not depends largely on the quality of the content and the user’s own Internet habits.

I recently in Australia Lisbon Mexico held a 500 user experience on the user experience and interaction design team both participated in the discussion, I asked the participants on both sides raised position, everyone in which one of the following circumstances:

click on the share button

stock broker website provides a shared link to share the button

to share with your partnerThe

travel website offers a holiday package that offers your friends a share of

, an article sharing the user experience, is available for you to share with your peers

a very cool online game, you see, whether click share to your friend

has just finished reading a good book. Would you like to share one of those wonderful moments with your friend


online to see a spoof pictures, whether to share with friends


participants respond very well to verify the results of our online survey before: targeted, serious, business content, most users will choose to copy some text and URL in email, the very intuitive outline of this result, a small part of the user can click on the "Email" Share button to jump.


in the partial knowledge and entertainment website, respondents are great changes: they will give priority to the use of social media sharing button, such as Facebook Share and Like to share their pictures or photos.


we’ve also done a usability test for a group of social buttons for a Financial Services Company and a retail travel agency. This is a qualitative >