site management is an emerging industry, the industry is also a chance to enter the network is like a big melting pot, what kind of things can be found on the Internet, and do website business, the most important is the promotion, a good website with a good extension, it is equal to four of the three successful.

as a whole, the competition in the website industry is becoming more and more fierce. But to do well in the promotion of the website, we should start with the following basic aspects:

1, word of mouth promotion,

to do a web site, the basic thing is to think of their own web site theme and direction of development, must be good content, useful to people, so as to attract others. Such a person knows the things on your website well, he will go to tell him also need the knowledge of this person, so that it has helped to promote the role.

and a little attention is in the early stage is best not to put advertising websites, especially the pop-up window class advertising, so that not only let each person to browse the website in resentment, will also affect your search engine. For example, such as Sina and NetEase of the station, they did not put in the early pop-up ads, and now joined, every time I enter, there will be a short period of time to pop-up ads, affect my browsing speed, so I feel very uncomfortable.

and the new station into advertising will not bring many benefits, but also as intentions to improve the content, to content to attract users, let users cannot do without you, and then add appropriate advertising, this will be better.

2, SEO knowledge,

this is a very good low cost promotion method, but the drawback is that it takes longer and needs to be persisted. But because the search engine is very strong, will bring us a lot of traffic, although very high technology, but not everyone can be born to understand, can see a little, a little, can be done as long as we go.

SEO can use the quiz, blog, Links, Wikipedia, favorites and network soft combination, also need to learn about the domain command, pay more attention to what others are doing and which links the SEO keyword.

3, programs and templates

Now most

website templates are similar, but many stations are using CMS, you can refer to this, under normal circumstances, if they don’t develop a new template, but this and others with similar, this impression is not very good. If the conditions permit, you can make some money to make a personalized template, so that more attractive to users.

4, make good use of micro-blog

micro-blog in the domestic hot speed can be described as abnormal, and now the most popular is it, we can make good use of it, you can go to each big website to register your micro