wood is made of classification! Time is not long, only 3 years!


is still a bit of a local celebrity here, IP, 3500+

per day

wants to explore the local website matrix

talking about the matrix, say Sohu, Sohu website matrix by acquisition, including 17173 CHINAREN focus, real estate, and so on!


Lao Zhang had a very cow propaganda language, "go out with maps, use the Internet", "Sohu", the old generation of webmaster should have heard!


what is the ultimate purpose of his matrix idea,


put another example, HAO123’s webmaster Li Xingping

, QQ163, F130, hao123 (acquired), IP138 4499, etc. These are his matrix, each station is full of their own other station advertising, and connect

and users in this connection, and the huge matrix has been moving around, check Ip, go to IP138 game, go to 4499 web site, go to HAO123, listen to music, go to QQ163 FLASH, that is F130

and the huge connection also created the increase of the chain, the weight of ascension. IP is importing a station from one station to another station,

in turn, what kind of matrix can we frame on our local station?

is actually very simple,

local stations, Bus inquiries, local site navigation, local maps,

, this is the site of the ideal of wood and wood, and the matrix is the site matrix being implemented, and it turns out to be absolutely correct,

local station brings together classified information, business reviews, forums, recipes, and these people may not know how to go to a local bus query network, highlighting its advantages

wood, wood, Current Bus inquiries from the main station every day to more than 300 IP

, and local Internet users need to understand the local information on the site,


that local website navigation came into being, in fact, you see, no 58 has been very low-key introduced SZ.58.COM Shenzhen local navigation station!


this is a very important pulse, and it’s also a very important project. To master the local navigation, you are the local Baidu

and other local websites are the same to you. Of course, you have to develop your mind,


local navigation recommend your own local station, recommend your own public transport network, you will find that Internet users from entering the site will be wandering in your matrix,