beauty can be seen as the vertical application of micro-blog’s social media in the field of women’s online shopping.

general product architecture is interlinked: human subject; one-way chain; that is, a key concern; a light content sharing; using "forward" to help spread and re organize. Just fine tune for women and clothing. Change 140 words into pictures, for example.

‘s concept of "replication beauty" means building a similar social media structure in another area, while being able to exist independently without being swallowed up by micro-blog’s universal platform. Now some 4 standard, for you bozhuan.

1, there is a need for continuous communication in the field. This will keep a group of similar people steady in the community. For example, the mainstream needs of micro-blog are people’s livelihood, politics, gossip. Stocks, for example, are concerned every week.

for vertical fields. Such as shopping, women’s beauty, beauty of the heart continues. For example, chronic diseases, maintenance of the body, always concerned about everywhere. For example, parenting, parents are worried every day.

, but buying a car or buying a house is tricky. After all, it took years to buy a car and it took decades to buy a house. But if you extend the car into a "car life", it may be different. People with the same kind of car have similar economic strength and social position, so it is possible to work together.

, for example, travel is not too reliable, most people travel once a year. People who travel frequently are small groups. Digital products are also.

2, there are people in this field. That is, professional recognition of the enthusiastic people. They become a stable source of information for production. Communication has its organizer.

, for example, has been a stable group for shopping. I heard that there is a "small mouth pepper" into the small one million, there are a group of people through shopping sharing can earn good and stable income. The big group is analysts and industry professionals. Chronic diseases in the field are enthusiastic staff, such as old patient.

3, the content of communication is professional, the atmosphere of communication is exclusive. In other words, it is only suitable for small circles to say, and if you put it up on micro-blog, it will cause unnecessary trouble.

, for example, a girl in the beauty of the show, you can show yourself every day, but if you put on micro-blog, may find jealousy or harassment. Talking about stocks, talking about diabetes, etc.. This avoids being swallowed up by micro-blog’s big platform.

4, subjects have subdivided and well-defined particles. Things like clothes, cosmetics, stocks, diabetes, milk powder, for example. If it is not a specific object, then communication is difficult to be targeted, and it is difficult to have continuous communication.

specific discussion objects are usually specific goods. Thus, there is a flow of commercial interests in communication. For example, buy >