comes here every day to read the article, but has never written it before. Now it’s time for work to share your stories.

for the first time, let me introduce myself. I like a lot of friends, do not belong to the IT industry, I do machinery, CNC machine tools, contact do stand for two years, that is to buy a bag for friends, contact to, then through some Adsense QQ group, learn to do.

did not make a decent stand, but still tried many things, here is a QQ group promotion experience, to share with you, is a mess, please don’t scold.

now focuses on SEO, and few people focus on the Q group. I have a website, the website content is the region of the news, and then apply for dozens of QQ, joining a local group, each number can probably add 70 groups, some people can not find so many, it depends on how you look, here is an example of using QQ search the search group, "Guangshui, Guangshui, Guangshui, Guangshui friends, fellow Guangshui, Guangshui Association, Guangshui people in" the words, enough to a group of sixty or seventy. The name of QQ is called Guangshui news service". Finding the news about Guangshui on the Internet is real, attractive news, and none of those government jobs is seen. The news will be published on their website, and then the news headlines and news addresses released to the group, I used to buy QQ friends before sending software, do not have to do it. Such advertising, very few administrators will kick me out, and click rate is high, their hometown, who does not care about it?. Then the question is, the website is used in the 1G space, 70 people online, the website was paralyzed open, then I have to sit there and wait. If you have enough space, you can try this method, and if done well, you can do tens of thousands of traffic, a QQ only once a day, or may be banned IP.

the day before yesterday, I changed my job. I was a household electrical appliance manufacturer. I promoted websites for them. While promoting brands, while carrying retail. The company’s own web site, ASP, wants them to change into other static programs, and they don’t want to. The website address is, I want to put the electric kettle, electric kettle, electric pressure cooker, purple clay pot this several times the search rankings do it, but in the SEO, I just read more of their own and not really to have time, also hope that friends can give directions, thank you. My QQ number is 248081851. If a friend wants to use the website to cooperate with our company’s products, we can talk about it.