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users for the website stickiness, means that the user loyalty is high, can bring more traffic to the PV website, to ensure your daily traffic can steadily, but also bring more ad clicks, but also more active help website promotion, let website to get new users more high quality through word-of-mouth between users. Therefore, paying attention to and enhancing the stickiness of users and enhancing the loyalty of users are the important cornerstones to ensure the long-term development of websites.

for the animation website, the animation website itself has its own characteristics different from other industry websites, and the user also has its own characteristics, which makes the combination of these characteristics we should take targeted measures to improve user stickiness and loyalty. Specifically, there are six major factors and measures that deserve attention and Implementation:

one, website navigation: complicated, clear and convenient,

a picture based animation site, in the appearance of the site layout, often as "perfection" and put all kinds of animation works are concentrated in the home show, the consequence is that the page layout is more complicated, need to spend more when visitors enter the home page for the mind, causing the user friendly degree is not high.

and now with the rapid development of mobile Internet users, for simple, clear and convenient website style more and more habits, so we want to "vote for users", in the website home page navigation based on the user’s habits, depending on the type of comics, making concise navigation module, to provide "classification" "in alphabetical order, navigation, station search box" navigation module, convenient site for new users to quickly find the desired content.

two, response speed: enhance user base experience

animation site due to the main picture, causing the site data is very large, the corresponding requirements of the server is quite high, but in the process of the user to read, if not up to the level of hardware, it is easy to cause image loading speed, reading fluency problems, may cause serious damage to the user experience.

, and the response speed of the website will affect the important factor of the website impression to the user directly, otherwise, the jumping rate of the user will be higher and higher. To this end, the need to pay attention to update and enhance server performance, to ensure that it can meet the smooth browsing animation works, the loading speed is fast enough to reduce the waiting time of the user, to prevent the loss caused by the slow response to the user site.

three, detail function intimate design awesome

increases the user friendliness of the site, and the importance of detail is very important. The spirit of "all for the sake of users" and "user-friendly" concept, to the function of the website optimization settings, for example, for the convenience of users of their favorite comics, in the works of each page have increased the collection function; for the convenience of users after their favorite works, the use of cookie that are not registered users you can save and >