did not come here to write what the article, today is really the first time banging on the keyboard, a record of Internet companies to negotiate contact, bit by bit, this paper reminds you not friends, but also to remind some Internet companies.

May, the owner’s request and the boss (a female) visited the IDG investment company, Mr. C, discuss the Grenada Wei Kang online mall operator of the road with Mr. C. During the discussion, Mr. C for our current mall layout structure and user experience, give a direct negative, Mr. C said, our products, if this kind of sales, so the sales performance will be greatly reduced, because people do not know what you are, how to use? Mr. C, put forward some suggestions to our righteousness in the boss’s unanimous request. We decided to update the website,.

In July,

officially began planning revisions. Looking for a lot of website production companies on the Internet, there are small companies, large companies, but also personal production, almost all have found, talked about. Due to lack of experience on behalf of these negotiations, the website production company sent to enter the deep communication network company clerk in the talk, what is a promise, tell me can be assured. They have made many such success stories, and they have a lot of experience. Both the technical staff and the designers have a unique vision. At that time, the whole people are silly they communicate with smallpox disorderly falling, finally a little progress no!!! After many thinking, if I continue to do so and those Internet companies talk about it, certainly not about what results. So I told them, "you give us a plan, and we’ll negotiate according to your proposal.". In this case, some companies are unwilling to opt out of the program, from the point of view can explain a problem, what specific problems, I think if you had contact with them, will surely guess here is not to mention…

can’t continue writing because of work… To be continued ~~~~