we usually on the webmaster class BBS, their account value also has certain difference, below I will account for the value of the PK competition.

1. Access to official accounts

obsolete official accounts, mainly through the T building, or directly through the station. Because of the limited access to its means, the number of formal accounts generated per day is very small. Chinaz forums generate formal accounts, mostly through formal user requests, and other methods seem to be of little use. A5 generates a formal account, mainly through authentication, and can become a full account with a payment of $10.

two. The value of an official account

official account access way, directly determine their value, the general account of the laggards will also be able to deal with 10 yuan. Chinaz’s account number is basically no longer available, mostly because of the lack of popularity in their forums. The A5 account itself has a value of $ten, but it seems that the account number is only worth a few dollars.

three. 10 million account value

behind the thousands of accounts can be described as much and may be mainly open BBS open early, one hundred thousand posted accounts are also quite a lot. Of course, the price of this one hundred thousand account is quite large. I’ve seen someone selling this kind of account before, and at least it’s a few hundred. Chinaz tens of thousands of stickers account is not much, but there are still some, mainly before the Chinaz management is not too strict, we go to brush paste produced. Now too strict management, seems to be less popular, of course, tens of thousands of post value is only worth tens of dollars, and sometimes can not sell. A5 tens of thousands of stickers account is still more, in A5 because of the formal account is easy, so A5 Wan paste account is not worth much money.

four. Account signature value

the laggards not put advertising in the post, that is to say whether you are posting or post, you can display the signature, the signature can generate links, of course according to the amount of post here, the price is not the same as the signature. But there seems to be no tens of thousands of account signature, generally no one received. Because tens of thousands of posts, the signature of the account value, so in the behind the day, brush the post of very many people. Chinaz closed signature, it does not produce signature value, or it may be for this reason, so its account is not worth any money. A5 because you have too many managers, it’s impossible for you to get into the tens of thousands of brushes quickly. Therefore, the A5 signature of the sale of accounts is very little, of course, the value can not be reflected, can not reflect, it will not have to.

in the three major domestic standing forum, generally speaking the laggards account value to some valuable account, valuable, so in a sense, the popularity of people for so many years, which is not a webmaster forum beyond. These are some of my own views, talk about relatively shallow, welcome to me!