Small Title: independent thinking is the grassroots webmaster to the entrepreneurial type of the inevitable process of change

I think a lot of friends see such a headline that says, "who doesn’t think?" who isn’t thinking independently? Here, I’ll explain what I think about independent thinking. Independent thinking is to have the ability to observe and analyze a phenomenon, and to recognize the surrounding environment. It may be a bit of a rip off here. Everyone has his own way of thinking, and everyone has an understanding of things. Here, the author emphasizes not what the noun explains exactly, but what we want to say is the difference between our grassroots webmaster and entrepreneurial webmaster. How do we change to an entrepreneurial station owner?.

for grassroots Adsense, a website independent operation, do SEO, do a good job, users can enter every month, can very good support yourself. Such webmaster perhaps surface really live, the real realization of freedom. But I believe that every grassroots webmaster will not meet the present situation. Including the author and myself. So, what can break our current pattern, to really complete the dream in your heart, below is what you want to say entrepreneurial type webmaster.

so what is an entrepreneurial webmaster? My understanding is ordinary small and medium Internet startups. A webmaster, a website, or a project can be stopped at any time. And pioneering type stationmaster cannot however, because the manpower, material resources, energy of the earlier investment, the investment cost is too high. A grassroots Webmaster Station vitality is not up to an entrepreneurial type of webmaster. This is why the Internet in recent years, why will gradually from the webmaster annual meeting will become entrepreneurs annual meeting?. Because the vitality of entrepreneurs will be more tenacious.

then, how can we change into a grassroots webmaster?. I am here, other team work, and so on, other external factors, I do not want to mention here. I want to say the webmaster himself. Let me tell you a story of my own. As you all know, Chang Xiaofeng is a mechanical and electrical engineering professional who turns to amateurs in the internet. 4 years later, some time ago and several old classmates together. Everyone is now engaged in different jobs. One of my classmates asked me, "Xiao Feng, why don’t you look for VC to invest in you?"." When the words I asked for a drink, I replied: "what will you venture investment? I have a project are not so successful, why do you invest in others". In fact, I didn’t say "I don’t have that ability" in the back". After that, I have been thinking that I am indeed a lot of deficiencies, my ability to leave their own expectations of the standard is still very far away. A lot of people would say, "what can I do if I have money?". Or around the students will say I will do a small business, how much money can earn, how much money?. But ask yourself, do you have this ability,


so how can we change? That’s what Chang Xiaofeng has been focusing on. The improvement of one’s ability is change >