often focus on the station network, a long time did not write the article, picked up a pen, a myriad of thoughts, but do not know where to start, especially the Internet community has recently seen a series of changes of personal webmaster circle, domain control, website content restrictions, we let the grass root business prospects don’t seem to be at a loss what to do. In 2010, personal webmaster way where, worthy of our personal webmaster reflection.

is about personal website the way out, as early as 3 years ago when I wrote an article, give up personal website, my life in the future? I believe A5 some old Adsense read this article, and I was now most of the webmaster, also very confused and perplexed, when communication and graph king, graph King told me at the time of e-commerce, regional vertical portals and vertical industry small website has great potential, but for a boy has just entered the community, a lack of resources, two contacts, three did not have difficulties as can be imagined money to operate this kind of website, so never heard of graph king’s advice, as do the movie website and many grassroots Adsense, make music website, download site, but 3 years in the process of the website or Baidu pull hair, or Is closed by space providers, and now there is no one can get a hand of the site, it is a failure.

is now back to think carefully, insight and advice of graph king is very correct, 3 years ago because of their ignorance and frivolous, cannot understand at that time can’t understand graph king suggestions, such as after 3 years and many novice webmaster to consult and graph king not really understand the meaning of the same, each person’s experience is not the same, standing in the position is not the same, the perspective of thinking is not the same, so life experience will only experienced a deeper, more profound understanding of it.

through the Internet, groundless talk, I decided to run my flower gardening, as to the source of this site in the operation reason I love and love the flowers, because at the University of reading is a professional flower, the flower has been unable to let go of emotion. After graduation, buy a domain name (www.yyhh.com) to make a flower on the website, the website has been stranded later due to various reasons, then the principal graph king sold the domain name, in December this year and the high prices from the outside back, because I can’t bear to see the domain name become a waste site.

let me also one of the main reasons for operation of the website is I find a good B2B e-commerce application is Destoon B2B web site management system http://s.www.destoon.com/  A5, believe that some friends also use their program. The biggest advantage lies in the program with PHP language development, function and development, the template design is very reasonable, that is to say the program used can be used directly, no need to make any changes, especially for the fledgling business friends. Before is also concerned about the intent, is also concerned about the network and php>