network has all kinds of resources, the article belongs to the text resources, pictures belong to picture resources, video belongs to video resources and so on. How to integrate these resources is the future direction of the development of the web site. It is a good integration, integration is not good is not garbage station.

The key to the integration of

resources is to maximize the resources, the most rational application, and to maximize the value of resources. The question of how we should integrate the resources of that type is how we should consider it. Integration of the station should have its advantages, it is a collection of hundred long, but also has its own characteristics. The length of a hundred families is to make it grow fast, with its own characteristics, in order not to allow others to go beyond.

resource integration station, is to do their own future direction of the station. There are more and more resources on the network, and people want to make more resources instead of integrating existing resources. Of course, has not appeared in the resources on the network is certainly an honor, but it is a difficult thing, will fix the post, and the investment is particularly large. By comparison, the integration of site resources investment is relatively small.

The advantages of

resources are integration, the advantages of website resources, and the integration of website resources. How integration, integration, to achieve what kind of effect, there is no need for integration, we should consider these issues.

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