time flies really fast, in the twinkling of an eye, graduation will be almost five years, and the site has become attached to almost five years. These five years, there are indeed many regrets, including surprise, loss, passion and confusion. Sometimes not imagine this why time flies so fast, so think of fear, afraid of what? Afraid of their own without any success, afraid of wasting time, afraid to reach the ideal position of their. For five years… Although I feel no gain, but I still persist, because I believe there will be one day, I will succeed, I will realize my ideal!


now tell me about my career. I graduated in 04 years. I work out more than a year, and I spend the rest of my life in my own business.

the first process: when the salesman [04] just came out, in the introduction of the students, into a medical equipment sales company, and I was one of my classmates, every evening, head in the sun, although life was hard, but also feel full. Can we sell good times don’t last long, the first device, the price is still in place, but when take the invoice to each other, only to know each other is false invoices, finally out of sympathy or give money to, and we are in the back of the day to know now is "Y company" series, and so get the students to discuss after the flash sales achievement.

second process: Entrepreneurship [04] should be invited to join the alumni alumni entrepreneurship, this is when reading due to the common hobby meet, he is my early society for two years, I trust him at the time, he is also a colleague and opened this shop sales and image printer output and image software like. I joined in at that time was very simple, did not want to make much money, but no interest in the idea, more just want to upgrade themselves, so I stake in a computer and technology. At that time, they were responsible for developing and operating online photo printing, system development and operation, and they were responsible for selling equipment and software. For months, we still made a lot of money. Before the end of the year to dramatic changes, for the dividends, they first put their rent deducted, then the rest of the subdivision, and distributed to a few hundred dollars to me. I was very frustrated, very puzzled, since it is common business, you do too from S? Perhaps they think that when I came in I have opened the store, I don’t have much invested substantial, but not how the success of online printing operations, website construction revenue of less than 10 thousand, so finally, although there are tens of thousands of balance, to me is still less fraction, accurate to say than work as hard in vain, for several months. I am very angry, I have to withdraw at the end of their disappointment, is staggered a friend! I can be more from the general is that they fear what I actually have to be taken away, in my computer all about store data and software all deleted before release, and that I always trust was also alumni not on my side, no help me say a word, just disappointed! After this event, I only know what is real, what.