since the last published work station no longer choose domestic space, then I put the forum to sell, I really can not stand the space attitude, remember he said a few words that I never forget it, you can’t do (station in 24 hours, at least 20 hours, or you don’t stop doing) I ask you, the webmaster and part-time students all do, who is going to buy a space for you, what you eat, or to cooperate with the police to drink the northwest wind ran us on a illegal advertisement and then immediately sealed and then sell the space to others? If you want to say! I remember when I asked him why, without prior notice, he replied (this should notice? Speechless) that I was depressed, what all don’t understand a novice, but also not familiar with from you to buy space after it’s rather baffling to you sealed, ha ha Now think about it, too. How can you make money? After that, I contacted another space seller. I’m planning to get back to the station when I mentioned the problem. I’m shocked, and I’m not sure all of them are. But the space provider really made me speechless (not to seal your space, net police to seal our service), what can we do?.


people are selfish, I understand, but please don’t infringe on selfish while ensuring to others badly, do we buy space with you all the money is stolen? At least before we buy space is clearly to me, let us have a good psychological preparation, in order to sell space this is your money while others waste of human morality? Before coming back to my space, when I asked him if you can ensure that your site is not an illegal information? He replied I almost hematemesis words (we have 4 servers, a check after another three Taiwan immediately top up) I served, thorough service, you are so to protect their own interests, and as you buy the user space is directly sealed you, God will save you. For you, is really not satisfied! Ah! From now on, I firmly believe that the domestic space can not be used again, even if you use foreign points, there is a guarantee!


above article, not for all domestic space providers, I believe there are many space providers are moral (if offended, please forgive me, I solemnly apologize to you: "I’m sorry". Only a few people, I am not ashamed of you. At the same time also need to buy space! Hope friends, in the purchase of space must be good advice, remember that some customer service said the people in before you buy, buy is even nonsense are too lazy to say with you, I will remember! In his blog has updated their Wangzhuan road / hope to communicate with the novice, senior

would like to advice!

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