I think you should know the website of the website is very important, what if we allow it to attract your audience (users)? It depends on your design, web page includes navigation menu, search bar, website LOGO, directory and other content, there is can you see a website that this is what. In addition to making the home page attractive, we have to make it have other functions or some introductory information. Next, we will tell you 10 main points of the homepage design that can influence the audience.

1. makes it attractive to visitors,


was taken from: Art 4, Web

first, the website is a book cover or a magazine cover, it is the users browse the site at first glance, therefore, you must first home page design can attract, otherwise it will lose the purpose and intent of the home page. You can look at the main page of most websites. They are very attractive. You can have full color or only black and white. You can also create your home page with attractive images and text.

2. lets users remember your brand.


excerpt from: Wunderkit

wants users easy to remember your site or brand, you can put your website on the web site LOGO the appropriate location, but also to cooperate with the website style, so that they will be easy to allow the user to remember your site LOGO, leaving an impression in the minds of users, the next time the user visits the site when you see this sign can know is you.

3. tells the user what your website is for,


excerpt from: Off, Road, Studios

if the user at home do not know your website is what, what makes it easy for users to directly close the page, so we should make full use of the site the obvious place to add some text or banner information, offRoad sutdios’s website is a good example.

4. encourages users to take action


Site: Rdio

if you want the user to contact you, you can leave some summary contact information on the page without having to put it on the contact us page. Want the user to register your website, which makes a registration or landing function layout, you can use some interaction design cooperation, make the design more eye-catching. So you can use your design to refer to