is a website in the Internet era, the Internet business standard, every Internet Co at the beginning of the establishment will establish their own official website, the company for publicity, promotion of products, establish the image and enhance brand awareness.

because of the professional operation of the website is still quite high, the need to update the content and do more work, so the general needs of special operators responsible for the operation and maintenance of web content. However, many people may have no contact with the relevant knowledge of website operations, I do not know where to start, this article first taught you how to start from scratch web content operations.

1, website classification

before understand website operation, must first understand the classification of site types, so you know the focus of their future operations. The website can be divided into enterprise display website, electricity supplier shopping website, news information website, classified information website, knowledge question and answer website, leisure entertainment website, function property website, social type website and so on.

two, content operations definition

The definition of

website operation is a series of process creation, collection, collation, organization and presentation, the purpose is to enhance the website traffic and user retention time (user activity and retention), or even to pay the conversion (conversion).

three, content source

1, enterprise display website, news information, leisure entertainment website

website content is the best original, but because of the general enterprise website content requirements, update frequency is high, the original content output is slow, so generally will collect material integration into the article content. Content collection, creation and collation refers to the source of the content of the web site, and the collection and collation of content include the following channels to help you quickly complete the content.

enterprise events report. According to the news items, daily activities and product releases held by the enterprise itself, the content of the subject is reported and the enterprise is the center. The emphasis is on publicizing the current situation and product information of the enterprise, which is more official.

industry website content information. From the enterprise industry website related to collect information, such as industry development, products of the latest research results, competitor information and so on, in order to enrich the content of the website, this website will let users feel the contents of a more comprehensive and authoritative.

government policy report. Many enterprise users of the product are more concerned about the government’s policy report information, influence our own practical interests, to correctly interpret the national policy report, let the user know the future development trend of national policy for the block industry and the degree of attention.

network hotspot events. On the network every day there are a lot of hot spots, but also a lot of users are willing to consume content, as the operator to grasp the network hot spots, such as TV, movies, hit the hottest star events, group events, with the hot publicity enterprises.