in front of me published a "promotion, please choose the right place", the old Jiang said my entry point is good, but should mainly talk about how to choose this promotion place. So, I’ll talk about how to choose this promotion.

, to see if the site has a reputation in the industry, so how to be famous? We look like you do the game station, You’ll see. 17173; do Webmaster Station, You’ll see. push, stationmaster net; tourism, You’ll see. ctrip. These stations are more well-known in the industry, and these visitors are within the industry, then your site visit probability will be greatly improved.

two, depending on whether the users on this site can become your customers, this is mainly for e-commerce sites. Then go down to a man or a woman, a child or an old man. In short, the smaller you are, the better. Send your soft text to these sites, to bring you customers will greatly improve.

three, it depends on whether the site is a group of enthusiasts. Like a push, is the accumulation of a lot of promotion enthusiasts, if you are doing promotion station, soft Wen can be sent to push a. So, if you are a movie station, your soft text can be sent to potatoes, Youku and other websites; similarly, other websites are the same.

just talked about how to choose this place, then how to see if you have chosen the right place. The simplest way is three words: look at the flow. See you send the website through soft Wen, whether to bring you the flow?. If not, it is wrong, and vice versa. So you can bring traffic to the site, the more you have to send.

doesn’t feel like saying anything. Welcome to communicate,

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