The rapid development of

Internet, website optimization more and more shows its importance, there are many websites because there is no management, just like a boat in the sea, and which is not known by others.

optimization can help an enterprise spend very little money to get out of the difficult position and bring profits to the enterprise. Here are some of my experiences in optimizing:

1. is best to learn more about technology,

if you go to some small businesses, the general staff is less, the requirement of enterprise is the comprehensive talented person, they hope you can do a few people can complete the work, in this business, you’d better ask for some programs such as ASP and PHP have a certain understanding, can handle some simple pictures

2. has some optimization and promotion experience,


optimization will inevitably encounter some problems in the operation of the process, such as the site snapshot suddenly stopped "," website snapshot back a week "," website suddenly drop a lot "," website ranking suddenly all gone "and a series of problems, when we have these experiences don’t panic, I do not know what to do? In addition, although the site has good rankings, but the flow is still poor, so we need to optimize at the same time, do some promotion work.

3. learn to analyze competitors and surpass competitors

as the saying goes: "our opponent is the best teacher", why it can stand to the front row of our site, analysis of the gap between us and our competitor, and try to imitate the opponent, some of them, we also have, they do not, they have to do, this is a long long in the process of.

4. must have a plan of work and follow up on

people have their own plans, we will have a plan to clear direction, in the process of operation will not panic, in a systematic way of doing it, we should also regularly take some time to check the work ahead in the operation process, to see whether there are effects, which should be adjusted, remember this is a very important point.

5. optimization is a process of continuous persistence and learning

The optimization of

to have enough endurance, in accordance with the plan to carry on, with the changes of network optimization in change, when you choose to optimize this industry, it is necessary to maintain a learning attitude, learning not to, he will be eliminated by the environment.


optimization as the person, we need to put effective pay, there will be the results you want, will be optimized as a sacred work, your work will be more and more interesting

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