I love the game on the line has been three months, but after several months of work, still not good, renqibuwang. Today, a careful analysis of the reasons, I feel there are three reasons:

1, no outside chain.

today found a lot of online games on the promotion of small sites, it is recognized that the importance of the chain, especially for a new station. But specific how to do the chain, opinions vary. Finally, I summarize the following points:

1) through friendship links. I feel this is more suitable for high weight web site. Because no one is willing to link up with new sites. So this one is not good for me.

2) through Baidu ask, Tencent SOSO question and answer and so on, and appropriate to add their own links, to achieve the purpose of promotion. This is my SOSO deep, I love game now in all the search engines, the most cited by SOSO. The reason is that I’ve been looking for questions and answers some time ago. Moreover, as long as the answer, included in the possibility of great.

3) promote through blogs, forums, and the like. Do the right thing at the right place. Ha-ha。 Hope to understand.

2, website content is updated slowly.

but I think, for a small game site, the earlier may update more, the latter belongs to the maintenance, less updates. So, how to make the website update in the later stage and let the search engine pay attention to you is a question worth exploring. Now, I have the following methods:

1). To add comments, there are new reviews every day, updated every day.

2) dynamic loading page. I mean, each column can dynamically load content, for example, a lot of comments can be placed in the front, so that the home page can be updated every day.

3). Not yet…

3. attitude

this is the most critical, but also the most important point, three days fishing for two days, drying the spirit of the network is not good, everything in the insistence, of course, have to pay attention to methods. Sum up here, continue to think, explore, try…

I love this game only

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