webmaster friends would like to have a lot of visitors to your site every day, but recoge, site visits and station operation is often closely related to the operation is a technology live, we believe that the operations needed in three areas of potential gas well will be introduced to the site.

[technique] means paying attention to the direction and the choice, which is the ability to master the whole situation.]

The choice and direction of

website operation operation is in the promotion, the energy target in the same direction, if the choice is good, will soon see the effect, but if you do not see the effect can quickly know the reason for adjustment. Always a lot of people think, when a new idea will emerge, if we come out of the idea of each one by one to perform, then you will be stuck with a lot of no great importance thing, really useful and feasible things without time and effort to implement and perfect. Website promotion needs to see the overall situation, which is the trunk, need to specialize, what is the branches and leaves can be ignored, these need to judge and choose. Our game leisurely network is a focus on the game experience to share with the tool website, CF, QQ, DNF and other dozens of common speed game Raiders, also provides DNF, double QQ speed assistant tool, our position is very clear, so in the website promotion when we determine the direction, make the choice, game network will never be popularized in long horizon, what female various local forums, we seldom do blog promotion, because we are convinced that these are not we should invest in place.

[potential, is the momentum, is shocking


site operators need to create a momentum, give people a sense of shock. It’s easy to get the waterfalls shock, can easily be the Ten thousand steeds gallop. scene shocked, these things have unbelievable momentum, so people can move. Why three days fishing for two days, drying nets type promotion does not work, because time is too short, therefore, momentum is not enough; why continue to promote a small daily, it is not feasible, because the quantity is insufficient, so momentum is not enough. When we watch commercials on TV, we often see bombing like marketing tactics, and what they want is just an imposing manner that can be easily remembered. Website promotion to do a good job of "potential", we should do the following: the shop is big enough to a promotion, not only in their own forum, must have left their information in every corner of the network, let people see where you are; two, to promote the number, only daily ensure enough fresh content, promotion can be popular, though not entirely by the amount of momentum piled up, but there is no "quantity" there is no "potential"; three, to promote better quality, promotion is not a simple document, not simply to do repetitive operation meaningless, promotion people need to create a shock momentum, and to achieve this effect, the quality is not good.

[gas] means success, operation to make people see you in progress