social networking sites are known as social networking sites because of our friends there. By browsing the original content of friends, we can understand friends, pay attention to friends, and interact with friends. That’s what social networking sites call good stuff. But the Network handwritten love dog chicken soup inspirational those words, because the Internet writer itself and we didn’t have much relationship, even if the content is interesting and can not become a mainstream content of social networking sites.

you ask me why? Because in the news client and other media property with local, full-time editors can choose better for the user of the article, why should the user on social networking sites to find the fun.

so what I want to say is Renren: as the only social networking site for college students in China, there is not much good in the community.

"I play all three years, did not see a friend of his original log, then even is not updated, is an open full share, while QQ content while also low quality, but about every classmate sent and log these things is very much." A friend of mine used to tell me.

, the most everyone is to see some funny jokes and videos shared by classmates, and occasionally send out the status, but recently only in the circle of friends issued." Another friend commented.

again quoted a netizen Tucao: "a year down, I found that I have more than 30 in the state of hair, and the journal just wrote a random, but there are more than 100 to share,

!"According to

Alexa data, all sub station, a 23.97% Blog to become the first station; while Share to 23.33 in second (I have been old, do not know what is blog sub station… But…), when I opened the Blog found more than the contents of the online content sharing I will put all sorts of things together. Understand everything.

UGC: is it a joke book or a diary,


everyone in the community, the proportion of users of original content is not high. Everyone is like the process you borrowed a joke book, read the above things, feel good, then take a notebook to write down the name! Then you need to move, think this thing is cumbersome, and the content of these books is like chewing gum, it will be enough, eventually, this the book is not how to throw a pity.

but in turn, if there are a lot of user generated content on everyone, then the user is harvesting a diary, the content is users and friends recorded their lives, is their precious memory, users want to throw away more heartache than actually diary.

I’m a college student myself. Why aren’t college users interested in creating their own on everyone (a college social networking site)?