first of all, the webmaster’s website will be the first response after K: "helpless", and then is that he was wronged or innocent victims. No trace of waves without favoritism the hearts out to tell the truth, for the domain name in Baidu shielding, right down operation is from reason. If our webmaster site is Baidu after the shield still speaks, thinks that, from the point of view is like a child does not know to admit mistakes, this attitude will definitely affect the ability to perform K after the operation was delayed the best correction period. Here are a few big things about how I corrected the website in a month:

one, attitude and mentality after being K.

my site is half a month ago was completely blocked by Baidu, was the first reaction is "no money, no traffic, a day almost fall down, but I feel calm after the beginning of introspection, found that Baidu is doing the right thing, because Baidu has Baidu rules, and I do? A do not understand the rules, if a webmaster can clearly recognize that, in late may save is positive rather than complaining. So, after the domain name is shielded by Baidu, attitude should be correct, to be correct.

two, check the server’s site, whether it has been K, the right to drop, joint and several down right and joint K station, check the site export links (this is very important)

if the above situation appears on the website, it is necessary to stop the operation and access of the website in time (lest the server IP enter the Baidu black box and cause more losses). First of all, exclude the server to produce joint and several drop right and joint by K, to find out whether the K is from your site or other sites.

three, stick to it, keep it up,


do webmaster need to adhere to and patience, do a Baidu K website webmaster should be so. You must abandon the idea of being included in the search engine, must reject all illusions, wholeheartedly serve for users. The content of the website must be original or false original (I prefer the original content), in a lot of time every day can not truthfully publish original updated information, it must be in the same time first hand information website to add their own content.

four, do internal links and add external links.

internal links for search engines is the chain, and more critical is a good in the chain, you can attract users depth access to web pages, bringing a user experience is very good practice. After K was released to increase the chain, content, value, the readability and URL links in a relatively high weight of the site, don’t soft too badly, so boring, just like we don’t feel the same meaning, Baidu spider will. For external links, one might ask, stand by K, who and you change Links? And the wave without mark felt, even by K, to strive for more of the same type for link exchange website friendship (even if it does not agree to, is nothing more than a few words.) improve the site, "