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published a text, the main content of this article is to focus on the business secret information exchange network early promotion experience to write (WWW.51JIMI.COM), then every day there are 10 several novice webmaster friends add my QQ to explore the promotion of the website, although everyone is a novice, but still can learn something of value from them, such as the promotion of software application experience, currently on the market promotion software mostly can help many webmasters use more in name than in reality, experience, the choice of the software from the website, promotion of early is very helpful.

back to the topic, the Internet operation of the innumerable personal website is relatively good, the structure of creative website in the absence of funding support, it is difficult to survive, not to mention those websites corny, promotion is more difficult, even if you are willing to adhere to, it is difficult to have the light of day, and through these days many webmaster exchange, found such a site or a lot, for example to explain.

a website case profile: 1, the webmaster is not full-time webmaster, not much money to do promotion, also do not have the conditions for the formation of team, can only rely on their own manual promotion

2 website provides entertainment information content for users to browse the 3 profit model, depending on the advertising alliance 4, many competitors, including major portals entertainment channel


1 into the site of the first is the feeling of web content is not full, it can be solved by early acquisition software, but acquisition software get the quality is not high, no way to keep visitors, and too much manual acquisition work, people can not adhere to the daily quantitative update information, the quality of the content is out of the question, the website on the line after the discovery on its own can not meet promotion requirements of early website, operation cost is completely beyond the scope of their abilities, owners encounter this kind of situation is very easy to lose morale, it can only blame the station itself before the site, inconsiderate, advise you to the station (friends, before the site must carefully verify your site has maneuverability, operating costs must be controlled within the scope of their abilities)

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2 also are not new, creative website will lose creative chip in the early promotion station, most of the early new promotion methods are posting, to promote their own website, if creative station 1000 posted to attract 500IP, no creative website, even 100Ip will not attract. We contacted you because of this kind of website, so few people will be interested in the same station, creative post, everyone I know is a poster, but a lot of people out of curiosity or will enter your website to browse my website, at present, rely on advertising stickers to bring IP every day more than 1000IP, I hope this article will help for those preparing the establishment of the friends.